Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo

Taylor Hill

Welcome From the 2020 Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo


I’ve called Spokane Washington my home all of my life and I’m so grateful to represent the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo along with our beautiful Lilac City. The sport of rodeo has always held a very special place in my heart. I would sit in the stands and be blown away by rodeos as a young girl. Each event had me on the edge of my seat and that fire grew into the passion that I have for rodeo today. One of my favorite quotes goes like this, “Never give up on your dreams because there will always be a young girl in the stands watching who wants to be just like you.” I was that girl many years ago and I’m so blessed to be where I am today.

I’ve been involved with horses for about 16 years now. I started taking riding lessons when I was five years old and what was thought to be a phase turned into a lifelong passion. I started showing horses in showmanship and western pleasure classes which taught me so much and created a horsemanship foundation that I’ll always appreciate. Once I got older I switched over to participate in gaming events which taught me how to truly trust my horses and have good sportsmanship. In my late teens I was hospitalized and was very ill. My chance for survival was low but I pushed on. Once I was healthy enough I eased back into riding again. If it wasn’t for the motivation that horses gave me and the bond I share with them, I don’t know where I would be today. In the last year I’ve been on the Spokane Interstate Rodeo drill team along with being a volunteer for the COPS mounted patrol and the COPS drill team. I enjoy helping people and bringing the community together through horses and rodeo.  

This year I have created a platform called, “Life is short, so live it.” This motto hits home for me and I’m a firm believer that each day we are given is a blessing and it should be lived to the very fullest. I want to encourage people to chase their dreams, be confident and never take another day for granted!

I plan to attend as many events and rodeos as possible with my horse Dime by my side. Don’t miss out on seeing some of the best cowboys and cowgirls coming from both the Columbia River Circuit and the Montana Circuit to compete at the Spokane Interstate Rodeo held September 11th and 12th. I encourage you to also come out to the Spokane Interstate Fair, September 11-20. You’ll be amazed that there is something for everyone. I can’t wait to meet you all! In the meantime let’s keep our spirits high and our hopes up!

With love,

Brittney Davis
2020 Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen