Eviction / Writ of Restitution

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is prohibited from serving, threatening to serve, or otherwise acting on eviction orders affecting any dwelling unless the eviction order, including a writ of restitution, contains a finding that the landlord has complied with Governor's Order 21-09 and the unlawful detainer action is permitted under said order.  

For the status of previously ordered Unlawful Detainer evictions, see Spokane County Superior Court's Amended Emergency Order #9.

A Writ of Restitution (eviction) is an order from the court directing the Sheriff to restore premises to the plaintiff. RCW 59.18 is the residential Landlord - Tenant Act and RCW 59.12 pertains to non-residential property (commercial) and wrongfully held real property (foreclosures, for example). Writs issued under RCW 59.18 are good for 10 days and those filed under RCW 59.12 are good for 20 days. If necessary, a writ can be extended by the plaintiff or attorney.

After obtaining a court order to evict a tenant, a landlord wishing to pursue an eviction should bring the below listed documents to the Sheriff's Civil Division.  Upon receiving the documents, Deputies will post either a three day or five day Notice to Vacate, at the residence.  Once the proper number of days have passed, the Civil Division will call the landlord or designee to schedule the physical eviction.  It is the landlord's responsibility to have a locksmith and a plan to deal with any property left behind by the tenant(s).  

Required Documents

The Civil Division cannot offer legal advice.


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