Family Court Forms

  1. Asset Liability List (PDF)
  2. Bench Warrant - Motion, Declaration, and Order (PDF)
  3. Bench Warrant - Sheriffs Return (PDF)
  4. Certificate of Readiness and Note for Paternity Trial Setting (PDF)
  5. Child Support Modification Status Report
  6. Collaborative Law Notice of Participation
  7. Collaborative Law Notice of Termination
  8. Contempt - Motion and Declaration for an Order to Show Cause (PDF)
  9. Contempt - Motion and Declaration for Assigning Lawyer (PDF)
  10. Contempt - Order Assigning Lawyer (PDF)
  11. Continuance - Family Law Calendar or Support Modification Calendar (PDF)
  12. Declaration in Support of Post-Secondary Modification
  13. Disqualification of Judge
  14. Domestic Joint Case Status Report (PDF)
  15. Domestic Trial Management Joint Report (PDF)
  16. Family Law Mediator Application (PDF)
  17. Family Law Mediator List (PDF)
  18. Family Law Paternity Motion Status Report (PDF)
  19. Financial Statement GR34 (PDF)
  20. GAL - Motion, Declaration, Order Auth Payment of County Funds to GAL (PDF)
  21. GAL - Order Appointing GAL on behalf of a Minor (PDF)
  22. General Order (PDF)
  23. General Rule 40 - Informal Trial Selection with Information
  24. JIS Cover Sheet (PDF)
  25. Judgment Summary (PDF)
  26. Mandatory Parenting Conference Mediation (PDF)
  27. Motion and Declaration for Waiver of Civil Filing Fees and Surcharges (PDF)
  28. Motion and Order Adopting Parenting Plan or Mediation Agreement (PDF)
  29. Motion to Appear by Phone
  30. Motion to Finalize Minor Modification of Parenting Plan
  31. Motion to Revise Commissioners Ruling and Notice to Appear (PDF)
  32. Motion To Seal Court Doc File (PDF)
  33. Notice for Hearing Issue of Law - Trial Judge Motion Calendar (PDF)
  34. Notice of Hearing of Motion for Family Law Calendar (PDF)
  35. Notice of Mediation (PDF)
  36. Notice to Request Hearing (Child Support Modification)
  37. Notice to Request Hearing (Maintenance Modification) (PDF)
  38. Order For TASC Referral (PDF)
  39. Order Granting Motion to Seal (PDF)
  40. Order on Motion for Change of Venue to Spokane County (PDF)
  41. Order Re Waiver of Civil Filing Fees and Surcharges (PDF)
  42. Parent Seminar - Motion, Declaration and Order for Waiver of Attendance (PDF)
  43. Parent Seminar - Verification of Completion (PDF)
  44. Summons by Publication (PDF)
  45. Verification