ADA Accommodations & Resources

"Accommodation" means measures to make each court service, program, or activity, when viewed in its entirety, readily accessible to and usable by an individual who is a qualified person with a disability.

The Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the Access to Justice (ATJ) Board join with the Spokane County Superior Court to inform you that Requests for Accommodation by Persons with Disabilities, General Rule 33, adopted by the Washington State Supreme Court took effect September 1, 2007. This rule creates a uniform process by which individuals with disabilities can obtain accommodations and access to the justice system at all court levels in the state of Washington.

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

The Spokane County Superior Court complies with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) which requires that court services, programs and activities are accessible to people with disabilities.
Please contact Superior Court as soon as you possibly can to alert the ADA Coordinator (509-477-5790) of your accommodation request. On occasion, court proceedings may have to be postponed until the requested accommodation can be provided.

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