Curbside Garbage and Recycling

In Spokane County, designated haulers provide residential and commercial garbage collection, recycling, and/or yard debris collection service in specific areas. Below, you can find information on the service provider in your area. All questions pertaining to curbside collection should be directed toward your service provider. The service provider will inform you of your collection day, services provided, and the cost of those services. Need to know where to take a specific type of waste? Visit the Spokane Waste and Recycling Directory for more information on where you can take specific items.

Who is My Service Provider?

Please call our Spokane County Recycling Hotline at 509-477-6800 and we will help you determine your hauler, or use the new "find your provider" tool in the the Spokane Waste and Recycling Directory to find your provider. Simply type in a waste or recyclable item in the search, and select "Find Your Provider" in the Service Providers section.
Find Your Provider