Animal Protection

SCRAPS enforces the Spokane County Code, the City of Spokane Municipal Code, and the Revised Code of Washington as they pertain to domestic animals. Our mission is building a more humane community, protecting public safety and ensuring animal welfare through the compassionate, responsive, and professional enforcement of laws and public policies.

Commissioned Animal Protection Officers respond to requests for service in unincorporated Spokane County, Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Airway Heights, Deer Park, Fairfield, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, and Rockford. 

SCRAPS Services Truck
Animal Protection Officers:

  • Rescue sick, injured, abused, neglected, and abandoned animals
  • Investigate reports of animal cruelty or neglect
  • Return home (whenever possible) or impound stray animals
  • Respond to reports of animals at large and threats to person or other animals
  • Investigate animal bites, perform dangerous dog inspections, and assist with dangerous dog registrations
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies with animal-related matters
  • Issue citations for infractions and misdemeanors
  • Testify as expert witnesses in court cases
  • Educate community members regarding relevant laws and proper animal care
  • Conduct kennel inspections and issue kennel licenses
  • Perform inherently dangerous mammal and reptile inspections and registration
  • Pick up deceased animals

What Happens When You Call: 

Your complaint is entered into a dispatch call log, prioritized based on urgency, and assigned to an animal protection officer for timely handling.

Other Things to Know:

  • An officer responding to a report of a loose dog may impound the dog if he/she is running loose when the officer arrives, though the officer will return the dog to his/her owners before impound whenever possible. 
  • We use a tiered approach when responding to a complaints about a barking dog. The first complaint results in the sending of a letter to the dog's owner informing him/her of the concern,  advising him/her of applicable law, and educating him/her about strategies for addressing the behavior. The second complaint is addressed by an Animal Protection Officer in person with the dog owner. The third complaint may result in the issuance of a citation. 
  • An officer may secure a warrant for the removal of an animal found to be the victim of animal cruelty. 
  • A dog who causes severe injury to a human, kills another domestic animal, or engages in other statutorily-defined behavior may be deemed "dangerous" and impounded in the name of public safety.
  • A dog or cat who bites a human must be quarantined for a 10-day rabies observation period. In-home quarantine may be permitted.