RCW 26.26

The Superior Court is authorized to determine whether or not someone is the natural parent of a child. This type of proceeding is called Paternity or Parentage. Paternity cases are kept confidential, only the named parties or their attorney can access information contained in the file, until the Judgment and Order Establishing Parentage is filed in the case. Any documents filed after the Judgment (and including the Judgment itself) are publically accessible. RCW 26.26.610

When filing for paternity in Spokane County, you will need to obtain the proper paperwork, which can be accessed for free through Washington State Courts or you may purchase a packet of paperwork at the Spokane County Bar Association located in the Courthouse.  A filing fee is due at the time of filing. If you cannot afford the fee, you may fill out the waiver form and present it in our Ex Parte courtroom.

It is recommended that you visit the Family Court Facilitator for help regarding process of filing for paternity in Spokane County if you are not planning to hire an attorney.

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