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There are three different petitions that are covered under the BECCA Bill: 

  • At-Risk Youth (ARY) petition is designed for parents to petition the court to get assistance and services to help with their at-risk youth.
  • Child in Need of Services (CHINS)  petition is for the youth to petition the courts for assistance and services when they feel it is needed.  
  • Schools are mandated to file Truancy petitions when a certain number of absences in a month or year have been met.  The truancy orders require the youth to attend school every day, every period, on time, and can also hold the parents responsible for chronic truancies.
  • For questions and assistance regarding the BECCA Bill you can contact the BECCA Bill Facilitator at 477-2459 for ARY and CHINS matters, or the Truancy Prosecuting Paralegal at 477-2815 for truancy matters.
  • No information can be given over the phone regarding confidential cases, and picture ID is required when coming in person to our office to have access to information contained in the confidential records.
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