Water Quality

Water Quality Informational Flyer

In response to various community questions and observations surrounding Newman Lake water quality this season, the NLFCZD staff developed a water quality informational flyer. Click here to view the flyer.

Algae Bloom Videos from the EPA
Algal Blooms Can Harm Your Health (YouTube video)
You Can Prevent Nutrient Pollution (YouTube video)

Inspection Reports

2016 Inspection Report
2015 Inspection Report
2014 Inspection Report
2013 Inspection Report

Watershed Plan

Plan Implementation
Plan Outline

Comprehensive Plan for Stormwater Control

Full version (105 pages)

Thompson Creek Inventory Assessment

Thompson Creek Inventory Assessment and Geometric Stream Classification (11/2000)

Thompson Creek Watershed Analysis

Appendix A - Mass Wasting
Appendix B - Surface Erosion
Appendix C - Hydrologic Change
Appendix D - Riparian Function
Appendix E - Stream Channel
Appendix F - Fish Habitats
Appendix G - Water Quality
Appendix H - Water Supply
Public Works Watershed Analysis - Comments

Newman Lake Restoration Phase II

Full Version (289 pages)
Part 1 - Executive Summary/Introduction
Part 2 - Study Area/Information Dissemination
Part 3 - Biological Analyses/Results and Discussion
Part 4 - Appendix A Tables A-1 through A-6
Part 5 - Appendix A Tables B-1
Part 6 - Phase II Amended, 1992-1995

Survey of Newman Lake Property Owners About Lake Water Quality Issues

 The following link provides an electronic copy of a data report titled, "A Survey of Newman Lake Property Owners About Lake Water Quality Issues". The data report was collected and compiled by the Washington State University, Social & Economic Sciences Research Center. To access the report in Adobe Acrobat PDF format click here:
2007 Survey of Newman Lake Property Owners
Correspondence regarding Newman Lake blue-greens from Dr. Barry Moore (WSU)
Washington State Department of Health: Blue-Green Algae Information
Washington State Department of Ecology: Blue-Green Algae Information