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Spokane County is one of four eastern Washington State counties set along the Washington-Idaho border. The county comprises a total landmass of 1,758 square miles (or 2.7 percent of the state's total land mass) making it the 19th largest in landmass among the 39 counties of Washington State. Pend Oreille and Lincoln Counties bound the county to the north and west with the northwest corner shared with Stevens County. To the south is Whitman County and to the east is the state of Idaho. Spokane County is a business, trade, and cultural center for the Inland Northwest, a 36-county region covering eastern Washington, northern Idaho and eastern Oregon, western Montana and the southern sections of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The area is rich in natural resources, and both agriculture and forestry are important industries to the local economy. There are over 28,000 farms in the area, 12,000 retail and wholesale businesses, and 2,500 manufacturing enterprises. The U.S. Air Force’s 92nd Air Refueling Wing is the single largest employer in Spokane County.

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Airway Heights 
Deer Park
Liberty Lake 
Medical Lake 
Spokane Valley
The U.S. Census in 2000 reported that Spokane County had a population of 417,939 persons. The profile on this page, from the Washington State Department of Financial Management, illustrates the estimated population increase from 2000 to 2007. Spokane County is ranked as the 4th largest county in Washington State. Based on this data, approximately 45% of the county’s population, or 202,900 persons, reside within the City of Spokane which has its own entitlements for CDBG, HOME, and ESG funds, and this document does not affect any planning completed by that jurisdiction. County residents live in urban, suburban and rural unincorporated neighborhoods and cities with populations from 120 to 88,000 residents. The unincorporated area of Spokane County has 126,887 persons or about 28% of the county’s population. The remaining 27% of county residents live within the twelve cities of Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Fairfield, Latah, Liberty Lake (officially incorporated in 2001), Medical Lake, Millwood, Rockford, Spangle, Spokane Valley (officially incorporated in 2003) and Waverly.

The twelve participating cities and towns within Spokane County, by virtue of the populations contained within each of their boundaries, together with the population of the unincorporated areas, allow Spokane County to meet the requirements for participation in HUD's Urban County Entitlement program.

While participation in the consortium does not guarantee annual funding for each jurisdiction, it does ensure that applications for funding are considered by staff and citizenry who are local and are understanding of the needs within Spokane County.

As members of the Urban County Consortium, these incorporated areas apply directly to Spokane County for CDBG and HOME funds, rather than applying to the more competitive "Small Cities" program administered by the Washington State Office of Community Development (OCD).

In the 18 years that the Urban County Entitlement program has been in existence, each of the incorporated areas has received CDBG and/or HOME funds to complete vital projects that benefit lower income persons in their communities.