Request for Voter Information

Statewide Voter Information

Contact the Office of the Secretary of State for statewide information or visit the statewide Ballot Return Statistics page.

Election Matchbacks

Spokane County Election Matchbacks are a list of ballots that have been returned during an election. The updated list is emailed daily on days when ballots are processed. For statewide data, visit the Washington Secretary of State Ballot Return Statistics.

Request for Voter Information
Washington law provides that certain registration information about voters be made available to political campaigns and candidates for political purposes only (RCW 29A.08.720-740). Requests for such information must be made in writing and submitted to the Spokane County Elections Office. Telephone numbers and email addresses of registered voters are not provided.

RCW 29A.08.740 makes misuse of voter registration information a Class C Felony punishable by imprisonment for up to five years and/or subject to a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars.

Filing a Request
Spokane County Voter Information and Election Matchbacks can using the Spokane County Election Data Request Form (PDF).