There are various different ways that interested parties can keep themselves informed about Spokane County competitive solicitation opportunities and each of these different ways will produce different results: “Subscribe” is not the same as “register”; and neither subscribe nor register will produce the same result as visiting and monitoring the Spokane County Purchasing Department’s website. Finally, not all competitive solicitation opportunities are posted on the Purchasing Department’s website. Some purchases at lower thresholds (less than $5,000) need not be competed. Some competitive solicitation opportunities, such as County road and bridge projects, are solicited by the County Public Works Department.

“Register” – means: (a) Those vendors who apply (“register”) to be placed on the various vendor lists for competitive solicitation opportunities of goods purchases and registering is limited only to the informal process (Uniform Process); and (b) Those contractors who apply (“register”) to be placed on the various contractor rosters for competitive solicitation opportunities of small public works projects and registering is limited to only the informal process (small works roster). Registering: (1) Does NOT automatically notify vendors/contractors of all opportunities; and (2) Does NOT notify vendors/contractors of formal advertised bid opportunities; and (3) Will NOT replace the need for vendors/contractors to monitor the Purchasing Department’s website; and (4) Does NOT automatically subscribe a vendor/contractor to a subscription category. Vendors/Contractors are encouraged to continuously monitor the Purchasing Department’s web pages and to both subscribe and to register.

The County has adapted and uses the 5-digit NIGP Code as the vendor list(s) and small works rosters categories from which to solicit and post submittals for these procurement projects and solicitation opportunities.

Click the following link to: Register on a vendor lists(s) and/or on small work roster(s).

Registered vendors and contractors will be sent solicitations as follows: for:
(a) For informal solicitation opportunities of goods (Uniform Process) according to the product descriptions and service descriptions as identified* by the registering vendor to the County at the time that the vendor made their application to register; and/or

(b) For informal solicitation opportunities of small public works (Small Works Roster) according to the type of work, trades and skilled labor as identified* by the registering contractor to the County at the time that the contractor made their application to register.

* In order to achieve the widest degree of competition, the County Purchasing Department reserves the right to: (1) Post informal Uniform Process and Small Works Roster solicitation opportunities on the Purchasing Department’s website and to allow for the submittal of a bid response to constitute an application for registering on vendor list(s) and/or, as the case may be, on small works rosters; and (2) Exercise a wide degree of latitude in registering vendors/contractors to as many vendor list(s) and/or small works rosters as is reasonable based on either application (submittal) information furnished by the vendor/contractor or other such research or marketing information that the Purchasing Department may secure in an effort achieve competition.

Click on Subscribe -- to see how subscribing as a vendor/contractor differs and compares to registering as a vendor.