Section 3 Registration

HUD needs your help! We are looking for testimonials from Recipients, Contractors, Section 3 Residents and/or Section 3 Businesses about the good things accomplished under Section 3. If you or someone you know has a great success story to tell about Section 3, please contact HUD FHEO staff person Kristina Miller at or 206-220-5328.

 Also, we need your help to spread the word about a new Section 3 online system. In response to frequent requests from our Recipients, HUD FHEO has created an online Section 3 Business Registry, where Section 3 businesses can register, where recipients can find Section 3 businesses by locality and type of business, and where Section 3 residents can search for businesses that are hiring. This Section 3 Business Registry, which operated for two years as a pilot program in five metropolitan areas (New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC), has now been rolled out nationwide. This Registry will make it much easier for recipients to comply with Section 3 contracting requirements.

 Businesses can register, and recipients, contractors, and those looking for work can find Section 3 businesses by using HUD’s Section 3 Business Registry web page:

 Attached are copies of the Section 3 Business Registry poster (English and Spanish), brochure (English and Spanish), and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

 Additional information on Section 3 may be found on HUD’s Section 3 web page:

 Section 3 Business Registry brochure English
 Section 3 Business Registry brochure Spanish
 Section 3 Business Registry FAQs