Load Warrior

From April to May 2023, Spokane County hosted a "load warrior" pet photo contest to promote the Load Warrior campaign. There were over 68 submittals for the contest, and County personnel judged the winners for both Cat and Dog categories. The winners for each category are presented below:

Bracket 8.1Bracket 3.3


Do you make sure to cover and secure your load before visiting one of Spokane County's transfer stations? Then you might be a Load Warrior!

The Spokane County Eco Team is launching the "Load Warrior" campaign, which encourages citizens to secure their loads when visiting the North and Valley Transfer Stations as well as the Waste to Energy (WTE) Facility. During the summer campaign, customers who take a pledge to secure their loads will receive a free give-away as part of the campaign promotion.

For more information on disposal locations, hours, and fees, click here. Unsure of how to dispose of an item? Visit the Spokane Waste and Recycling Directory to learn more.

Securing your load is an important safety issue and is enforceable by law. It's also a great way to keep Spokane County roads clean and our streams trash-free!

*Artwork below by Meg Lybbert