Medical Screening Process

All inmates are screened by registered nurses during the booking process to obtain information regarding current medical diagnoses and prescriptions. A Release of Information Form (PDF) is sent to the inmate for signature, typically within the first 24 hours to obtain current medical records and prescription information from the inmate's Primary Care Provider.  Once this information is received, it is given to the Detention Services Physician for review. Medication may be ordered at this time and administered to the inmate once received from the pharmacy.

To help the medical and mental health staff ensure continuity of care, you can:
  • Bring with you copies of current medical prescriptions and health records.
  • Notify the Detention services Medical Department of your expected incarceration (if known) to begin the medication initiation process.
  • Request that your Primary Care Provider fax your current medical records to the County Detention Services Medical Department.

Detention Services Medical Administration may approve private provider appointments after review. All costs for the provider, diagnostic tests, and transportation fees must be prepaid, and will not be undertaken by the County. Private physicians will not be allowed to conduct examinations in the Detention Services facilities.

While most routine medical care is provided within Detention Services, it is occasionally necessary to transport an inmate to a hospital for care. For security reasons, details of the date, time, and location of those transports are not made available. If an inmate is admitted to a hospital, visiting is not allowed.


Medical information will not be given to family or friends due to federal and state privacy laws. The patient may give medical updates to their family and friends. Medical staff accepts medical or mental health information and will follow up with the individual. In order to obtain medical or mental health information, the inmate must sign a Release of Information Form (PDF), designating you, by name and phone number, as the party authorized to receive the information.