Projects - Current

West Terrace Stormwater Study

Spokane County is working to facilitate stormwater improvements in the West Terrace area, which has experienced various drainage problems.  This study will investigate specific causes of stormwater issues and develop a plan for addressing the issues.  The study will consist of three phases.

Estimated cost:  $150,000 (Phases 1 and 2 only.  Phase 3 is to be determined.)

Rolland & Post Neighborhood Drainage Mitigation

This project consists of the addition and replacement of drainage structures in a neighborhood (Elder Addition, Elder 1st Addition plats) north of the City of Spokane.  Work could include abandonment of existing structures, connecting existing structures to new catch basins and/or drywells, and installing structures at new locations to help mitigate existing drainage issues.

Estimated cost:  $150,000


Nevada & Newport Highway Flooding Mitigation

This project addresses regular flooding that occurs within Nevada Street County right-of-way, east of Newport Highway.  Work will consist of building a new stormwater treatment and disposal facility (e.g. swale, infiltration trench) to the north of Nevada.  There is also potential need to replace some of the existing stormwater structures, which could include piping, catch basins and drywells.

Estimated cost:  $125,000

Columbia Drive Stormwater Improvements

This project will update current stormwater structures on Columbia Drive between Northwood Drive and Argonne Road. Current structures function individually and do not provide water-quality treatment prior to disposal.  The goal of the project is to abandon or connect existing structures, via pipe, to larger existing infiltration facilities in the area.

Estimated cost:  $230,000