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Splash into Water!

We love the Kindergarten Krowd! A field trip to the Water Resource Center is a fun way for students to learn all about water. Join us for a water-themed story and a hands-on learning activity. Then, rotate through learning stations to explore our local water cycle, where our drinking water comes from, and the importance of clean water to sustain all life on Earth.

This is a great option for homeschool groups and young scout troops too. Located at 1004 N Freya Street, typical visits to the Water Resource Center are 1.5 hours.

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Once we receive your Field Trip Request to visit the Water Resource Center (WRC), we’ll email you to begin jointly planning the date, time and activities that are best suited for your class and what best aligns with your curriculum. Field trips to the WRC are in high demand in the spring. If a fall field trip can fit into your curriculum, there will be more available dates from which you can choose.

Incredible Water Cycle Journey
Transform into a water droplet and take an incredible journey through the water cycle to learn where water can be found on earth and how it changes states between a solid, liquid and gas.

Drippy’s Journey Down the Drain + What Should You Flush?
Follow Drippy the Water Drop as he takes a journey from wastewater to river water. Then do an activity to see what materials can and cannot be flushed down the toilet!

Plants are Water Helpers
Let’s look at the parts of a plant and discover why plants and grasses need water to survive. Then learn how plants can help us keep our drinking water clean.

Walking on Water
Explore the ways you use water in your home and then learn where that water comes from. Make a simple aquifer model in a cup and learn how water comes out of the ground!

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