Cases We Do & Do Not Handle

Cases We Handle

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Charges that carry a possible jail sentence, which are filed in the District or Superior Courts of Spokane County. Also certain misdemeanor charges in the City of Spokane Valley, Deer Park, Liberty Lake and Millwood.
  • Probation Violations in felony cases or "show cause" matters in misdemeanor cases.
  • Juvenile Delinquency Cases filed in the juvenile division of Spokane County Superior Court.
  • Civil Commitment Cases, involving individuals who are placed against their will in locked treatment facilities because of mental health or substance abuse allegations.
  • Youths accused of contempt of court in Truancy cases, involving failure to attend school.
  • Children involved in "At Risk Youth" or "Children in Need of Services" petitions, which are also held in the juvenile division.
  • Child Support / Contempt, on the Superior Court family law docket, involving the collection of child support payments.

Cases We Do Not Handle

  • Cases on which you have not been charged or arrested yet.
  • Dependency Cases in Spokane County Superior Court's juvenile division, involving parents' rights to the care and custody of their children.
  • Federal cases, or traffic tickets that do not have jail as a punishment.
  • Clients charged with a crime in the City of Spokane Municipal Court.
  • Appeals of any kind
  • Cases outside of Spokane County.
  • Forfeiture cases, even if the police took your cash or property in connection with a charge we are representing you on.
  • Department of Licensing (DOL) hearings regarding your driver's license, even if we are representing you on the case the license revocation is based on.