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The focus of this Protocol is the independent investigative process of officer involved deadly force incidents, both criminal and administrative. The integrity of deadly force investigations is the guiding principle in all decisions.  This Protocol is not intended to alter or interfere with any agency’s employer-employee relationship reflected in statute or a collective bargaining agreement.  Any relevant statutes, case law ruling, department rules and/or policies, or contents of a collective bargaining agreement shall take precedence over this Protocol should the contents of this Protocol conflict.


This Protocol addresses the potential for one of the agency’s officers becoming involved in a deadly force incident, either within or outside of their jurisdiction.   This Protocol, in compliance with WAC 139-12-010, calls for the use of outside personnel to conduct an independent investigation into officer involved deadly force incidents.

This Protocol and the related procedures are presented for your consideration.  It is believed they are sound and take into consideration the major concerns related to officer-involved deadly force incidents and their investigation. Permission is hereby granted to law enforcement agencies in other regions to copy, use, modify, or alter them as needed to address the needs of their region or jurisdiction.




To investigate incidents following the Officer Involved Deadly Force Incident Protocol Manual adopted by the below listed Board of Directors and Membership Agencies. 


  • To enhance accountability and increase trust to improve the legitimacy of policing for an increase in safety for all, using the five (5) principals of independent investigations;  
  • Independence;
  • Transparency;
  • Communication; 
  • Credible process; and
  • Credible Investigators.
  • To maximize the availability of the latest technological equipment and techniques to bring about the most professional and transparent investigation using best practices.
  • To ensure thorough investigations are conducted in a timely manner and independent of the involved agency in all facets (unless no other reasonable alternative exists to their use in the most limited of ways).
  • To provide an independent investigation of facts to the Prosecutor’s Office for review.




The Board of Directors of the SIIR shall consist of:


  • The Spokane County Sheriff or his/her designee
  • The Spokane Police Chief or his/her designee
  • The Washington State Patrol Captain assigned to the Spokane District or his/her designee


Representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office will be invited to all board meetings and their input will be solicited.  For voting purposes and decision-making, it will be the majority rule of the Board of Directors.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors will rotate every two years between Spokane Police Department, Spokane County Sheriff's Office, and Washington State Patrol. The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall schedule a meeting of the Board in January of each year.  The purpose of the meeting will be to receive a comprehensive report from the SIIR Team Commander concerning activities of the Team over the past year, address issues pertaining to the operation and support of the Team and address changes to the SIIR   Team protocol.  Special meetings may be called at any time by the Chairman of the Board.  Special meetings may also be requested by the SIIR   Team Commander.




  • Airway Heights Police Department
  • Cheney Police Department
  • Eastern Washington University Police Department
  • Liberty Lake Police Department
  • Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
  • Spokane County Detention Services
  • Spokane Police Department
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Spokane County)
  • Washington State Patrol (Spokane County)

SIIR Team - Sheriff's Office Crimes Against Person Members

SIIR Team Command – Lt. K. Thompson

SIIR Team Sergeant – Sgt. A. Stockman

SIIR Team Sergeant – Sgt. R. Satake

SIIR Team Investigators:

Detective N. Bohanek

Detective  S. Bonney

Detective  M. Drapeau

Detective  M. Keys

Detective  E. Logan

Detective  M. Melville

Detective  D. Meyer

Detective J. Hunt

Detective J. Hall

Detective B. Wilson

Detective D. Shaum

Detective C. Bylow

Detective B. Schmidt

Detective S. Kravtsov

Detective M. Wall

Detective V. Van Patten

Detective B. Humphrey

SIIR Team Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) Community Members: 

R. Andres

M. Davisson

B. Haley

M. (Skip) Johnson

S. T. Mackenzie

J. Nelson

L. O'Neill

C. Parker

V. Pavani

J. (JT) Ramsey

K. Winn