Newman Lake Board of Appraisers

In 2017, the residents of the Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District (NLFCZD) presented the Spokane County Board of Commissioners with a petition to appoint a Board of Appraisers to reconsider, revise, and/or reaffirm the classification and relative percentages of the parcels within the NLFCZD under RCW 86.09.

The objectives of this “reassessment” are for the Board of Appraisers to take a fresh look at the parcels contained within the boundaries of the NLFCZD and determine (reassess) the benefits each parcel derives from both flood control and stormwater management undertaken by the NLFCZD, and then based on those benefits, reconsider, revise and/or reaffirm the current “classification” of each parcel with respect to each of the two purposes of the Flood Control Zone District. In performing this reassessment, the Board of Appraisers is tasked with identifying every parcel that derives any benefit so that the assessments fairly distribute the costs of the District among as many benefitted parcels as allowed by law.   

At the end of this reassessment, the Board of Appraisers will provide the Board of County Commissioners, acting as the Supervisors of the Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District, with a new base map and land descriptions, outlining the classifications of the different lands on the base map based on their relative benefits derived separately for (1) flood control and (2) water quality (stormwater management).  This new base map will be used to levy assessments on those parcels not otherwise classified as non-benefited, based on their relative benefit ratios. 

Meeting Announcements

We want to invite all community members to join us virtually at the next Board of Appraisers meeting on Wednesday, January 19th at  9:00AM. The Appraisers will be meeting together at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan.  This will be a workshop format so they can work together on drawing the preliminary assessment boundaries. The room is reserved until 5 pm, however, it may wrap up before then. The appraisers will not be taking any public testimony at this meeting. The meeting agenda will be available to view online on January 18th. You can access the meeting via the link below: 


Phone: 1-877-853-5257 (toll-free)  Meeting ID: 890-9145-4844

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DISCLAIMER: Any information provided through questions or comments to the Newman Lake Board of Appraisers will be subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act [RCW 42.56] and will be available to the public.