Deputy Sheriff Applicant Information

Effective 8-1-2022, ALL Spokane County Deputy Sheriff applicants are required to pass the Spokane County Civil Service/Sheriff’s Office Obstacle-Course Physical Ability Test (PAT). You can hear instructions and see the course by watching the video below:

Spokane County Civil Service and the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is currently evaluating processing for these positions - more details coming soon!

Lateral & Intermediate Lateral Application Process

Upon receipt and confirmation of completed Spokane County Government Jobs application, applicant will be sent a Personal History Statement (PHS) form, background packet, and Training & Experience form to complete, along with a due date for completion. Applicants who submit their completed paperwork on time and have no automatic disqualifiers (per Sheriff's Office Policy 1000, viewable at: Sheriff's Office Policy Manual) listed on their PHS will be invited for a Physical Ability Test. See the above video for an example of this PAT; it is an obstacle-course with job-related events. Physical Ability Tests given by Public Safety Testing are not accepted for Lateral or Intermediate Lateral applicants.

Entry Level Application Process

All applicants must pass the initial written exam through Public Safety Testing (PST) and have their scores sent to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office prior to applying for the position on Government Jobs. Please visit: Public Safety Testing for more information.

Applicants must also pass the Washington CJTC Physical Ability Test (PAT). Applicants can view more information on the CJTC PAT by visiting:

Deputy Physical Ability Test (Obstacle Course) - All Deputy Positions

Effective 8-1-2022, deputy sheriff applicants who are invited for further processing will have an obstacle-course PAT administered by the Spokane County Civil Service office and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. A video of this PAT can be viewed above. Applicants will have two attempts at passing this PAT. Applicants with two failing scores will be removed from the eligibility list.

Contact Civil Service at 509-477-4711, Option 2 for questions regarding the application and testing process.

Visit our Recruiting page at or contact a member of our Recruitment Team at: for questions regarding our Deputy Sheriff positions!