Traffic Infraction Mitigation Program

What does it mean to Mitigate?

You admit to committing the violation(s) but would like to be considered for a reduction in fine amount. You understand that this citation (ticket) can appear on your driving record if "Traffic" is checked. Parking tickets do not appear on your driving record.


To be eligible for Electronic Mitigation you must 

  • Submit request within 30 days of your violation date
  • Have a currently scheduled court date with Spokane County District Court (request must be submitted at least 2 days prior to hearing)
  • Have received a Qualified Notice from Spokane County District Court (request must be submitted at least 2 days prior to due date)

If your violation is eligible for E-Mitigation, please complete and submit the electronic form below. Fill out and submit a separate mitigation form for each citation (ticket).

  1. Charges Not Eligible
  2. Reduction Examples
The following have been identified as being Not Eligible for mitigation because the penalty cannot be reduced:

  • Speeding in a School Zone/Playground
  • Speeding in a Construction Zone
  • Failure to Yield/Passing Emergency Vehicles
  • Passing School Bus w/lights Flashing