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Belle Terre Avenue Stormwater Improvements: Estimated cost: $250,000 

Construction of this project is scheduled to begin mid-March 2022. Drainage issues have been identified within the limits of the proposed pavement preservation cement treated base (CTB) project taking place on Belle Terre Avenue between Evergreen Road and Adams Street. High groundwater levels and poorly infiltrating soils contribute to failure of drainage structures in the area, resulting in ponding, erosion, and road maintenance issues. An overflow conveyance system is proposed from Suncrest Drive, to direct flows east, via pipe, to the existing ditch along the south side of Belle Terre. Stormwater design is complete, and the project was sent to ad in fall 2021

Cincinnati Drive & Pinecone Court: Estimated cost: $75,000 

Utility potholing and drywell testing are the next planned steps to refine and complete the final design for this location. A homeowner RFI reported road flooding at this location and drywells appear to be failing. Vactor truck maintenance of the structures has not corrected the problem. The proposed solution includes adding additional drywells, replacing existing inlets with catch basins and piping. This project is planned to be built by the district crew in spring 2022.

Little Spokane Drive Bridge Swale: Estimated cost: Bridge funding 

The SWU has been asked to size a new swale for treatment and disposal of stormwater associated with a bridge replacement project over the Little Spokane River at Little Spokane Drive Bridge No. 3704. This project is bridge funded, with the swale design to be incorporated into the larger bridge replacement plan package.

Midway Road (north): Estimated cost: $200,000

Final design is on-going to be incorporated into the CRP that is to be completed in coordination of a Whitworth Water District water main project that is scheduled for late spring 2022. Ditch erosion is occurring and worsening along the north side of Midway Road, from near Columbus Drive and downhill to the east. Culverts are also filling up with sediment and asphalt along the shoulder of the road is beginning to break apart. A small works project was designed and completed in 2018 along the south side of Midway Road to address similar erosion and sediment transport problems. Ditch armoring, check dams, and upsizing culverts are being explored for this issue. Maintenance district crews worked to temporarily address the asphalt damage and install wattles before winter weather set in during the fall of 2020. 

Minihdoka Trail Spring Mitigation / Outfall Elimination: 

Estimated cost: $100,000 (Ph 1 $10,000, Ph 2 $90,000)

This project will address a lack of treatment for a catch basin on the north side of the intersection by piping it across the road to a new, formalized swale. Secondly, a natural spring presents itself in the middle of Minihdoka Trail a few hundred feet south of Dartford Road. With the potential of spring flow increasing and deteriorating road conditions, a project to expand an existing swale and divert the spring flows (via a ditch) to the swale is also under consideration. Piping the catch basin across the road is planned for Spring 2022 in conjunction with planned road/water main construction along Dartford Dr.  Expanding the swale and diverting the spring flow Is tentatively planned for Fall 2022.

West Rainier Way Drainage Mitigation: Estimated cost: $30,000 

Two drywells near 319 West Rainier Way have a history of flooding failure. Vactoring of these structures has not solved the problem and a house/garage has had occasional flooding. A small works project is planned to fix the drainage issue by adding catch basins and new drywells.

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