Unlawful Detainer Hearings / Evictions

The Eviction Resolution Pilot Program ended by state statute on July 1, 2023.  Landlords and tenants can still mediate their dispute by contacting one of the dispute resolution centers listed below.  Rental assistance may also still be available.

Renters with low income facing eviction in Washington State can get free legal help.  Renters seeking legal advice or representation can contact the Eviction Defense Screening Line at (855) 657-8387 or apply on-line at https://nwjustice.org/apply-online.  Renters should contact the Eviction Defense Screening Line or one of the agencies listed below as soon as they receive eviction paperwork.

The unlawful detainer (eviction) hearings are currently being held in Judge Szambelan's courtroom (4A) at 8:30 a.m. on Mondays - Thursdays.  Effective 12/11/2023 - the docket time is changing to 9:00 a.m. on Mondays - Thursdays.  Courtroom 4A is located on the fourth floor of the Courthouse Annex.  During scheduled leave or illness, it may be necessary to change the courtroom location, but a sign will be posted outside courtroom 4A with directions.  To improve access to justice, the Court allows parties to appear remotely.  The Zoom link is https://zoom.us/j/99961322184?pwd=UFBYa2UyY05yMzkrREFON3J3TUdZUT09 and the link below provides detailed instructions.

Participant Instructions on How to Appear by Video - Unlawful Detainer Docket

Interpreters are provided for all court hearings at no cost.  To request an interpreter, please call 509-477-5790 or 509-477-4402.

Rental Assistance - Outside of City LimitsSNAPwww.snapwa.org (509) 456-7627
Rental Assistance - Within City of SpokaneLiveStoriesCity of Spokane Rental Assistance Program for Tenants | LiveStories1-855-582-3973

Family Promise of SpokaneHousing Assistance Portal (hap.solutions)(509) 816-2101

Carl Maxey Centerwww.carlmaxeycenter.org (509) 795-1886
Dispute Resolution Centers
(509) 456-0103
(509) 838-2799
Housing Justice Project
admin@spokanebar.org (509) 477-2674