Designated Forest Land - New Application ($562.50 Application Fee)

If a landowner has 5 or more acres dedicated to growing trees, those acres may be placed in the Designated Forest Program.  A forest management plan is required, and the Assessor is the approval authority to enter the land into the program.

Applications are taken during the entire year and classification is applied as follows:

2023 Application Year
2024 Reduced Land Value – June Assessment Notice
2025 1st Tax Benefit Year 

Timber Management Plans are required for all NEW APPLICATIONS.  

  • Contact a Forester & return the Verification of Forester Form (VOF) with your application
  • The Timber Plan usually takes 2-5 months to complete. The Forester determines the completion date.
  • Upon completion, mail or email the Timber Plan and signature page to the Assessor’s office.  This will complete the application.   

**As of May 16th, 2022 – The Assessor’s office no longer requires the signature page to be notarized on the Timber Management Plans.**


Return to Assessor


Designated Forest Brochure 



Designated Forest Application



$562.50 Application Fee – Check or Cash*



Forester Consulting List



Verification of Forester Form

Timber Management Plan Template


Timber Management Plan Brochure




Timber Management Plan with signature page.

 *Make checks payable to:  Spokane County Assessor