Spray Guide and Schedules


Vary products during the season and in following seasons to minimize pest resistance.  Check with store location for current product availability.


Read this guide carefully. Read the product label directions carefully. Read and follow a1l label directions for responsible, safe use of any pesticide.
If fruit poundage is unmanageable and a nuisance to handle, cut the tree down and purchase quality fruit that you can realistically use. Help your commercial orchard neighbors provide quality fruit by maintaining good care and good pest management practices for your desired fruit trees!!
For other home garden fruit tree questions, check out our website, www.tfrec.wsu.edu/tfrec.php.
 In some cases, trade names of products have been provided as examples of suggested materials. No discrimination is intended and no endorsement by WSU Cooperative Extension is implied.

Spray Schedule

Garden Home Apples 

Garden Home Cherries

Garden Home Pears 

Garden Home Peaches

Garden Home Plums and Prunes

Garden Home Walnut

Organic Garden Home Cherries

Organic Garden Home Apples and Pears

Organic Garden Home Plums and Prunes

Organic Garden Home Walnuts

Organic Garden Home Peaches