West Plains Study Area

West Plains Study Area Project Summary

In the past few Comprehensive Plan Amendment review cycles, Spokane County has seen a trend of Comprehensive Plan Amendment requests and inquiries for the conversion of lands zoned Light Industrial to an urban residential category in the West Plains Urban Growth Area generally south of I-90.

These various individual requests suggest that a more comprehensive assessment to explore future uses in the area is warranted. To do so,  the Spokane County Planning Commission initiated planning staff to study these areas within the Thorpe-West Plains UGA/JPA on March 1, 2022. This study will include potential for additional residential designations in appropriate areas and confirmation of commercial and light industrial areas for economic growth. This effort will also examine areas in proximity to Spokane International Airport’s runway control zones to prevent encroachment of inappropriate uses in these areas.

The area of study has been refined into two study groups.  The Group 1 study areas contain previously approved residential plats.  Group 2 study areas include lands that appear to be appropriate for residential conversion due to their proximity to other residential uses and/or their lack of suitability for future light industrial development.

Upon completion of the study, Spokane County Building and Planning Department will share the results with the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissions to initiate a potential Comprehensive Plan Amendment that may be included in the County’s 2023 amendment cycle.

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