Lincoln Road and Sewer

Project No: C3286 

Project Manager: Eric Jenkin

Project Description: This project is a full reconstruction. Lincoln Road is an Urban Collector with an ADT of 2,969. The entire roadway will be replaced. Lanes will be widened from 10' to 11' to better accommodate freight activity by adjacent land use. Lincoln Road is currently posted as a "No Trucks" road. This project will allow the "No Trucks" designation to be removed. On the south side of the road a 10' multiuse path will increase pedestrian safety by separating all pedestrian activity from the road and on the north side of the road will be a 5' paved shoulder. The added pedestrian facilities will also increase the sight distance of drivers to facilitate better reactions to pedestrian and vehicular circulation to reduce crashes. Detectable warning surfaces will be installed at Altamont, Smith, and Regal Streets on the south side of the road for safer intersection crossings. Stormwater will be directed to 6’ swales to treat and dispose of stormwater consistent with current standards. 

Public sewer will be installed in Lincoln Road in conjunction with the reconstruction of the road from Market to Crestline. The sewer will be dry, meaning that no connections will be permitted for an undetermined period of time until the downstream portions of the system are constructed. Also, there will not be any assessments or charges related to the sewer until the sewer is available for connection.  

Update 4/6/2023: This project has been awarded to Inland Asphalt. Utilities are starting to relocate services that are in conflict with the project. Construction is scheduled to start May 2023 and complete September 2023.

Project Funding: $150,000