Horizontal Curve Signing Safety Project 2

Project No: CRP 3290

Project Manager:  Chris Martin

Project Timeline: Design 2022, Construction Summer of 2023 through 2024

Project description: Spokane County will Add and upgrade horizontal curve signing and area delineation on the following

Roads in Spokane County          

  • Spokane County District 1 - Division Rd., Jackson Rd, Blanchard Rd., Milan Rd., Tallman Rd., Madison Rd., Sillman Rd.           
  • Spokane County District 2 – Pine Grove Rd., Wells Rd., Spangle Creek Rd., Valley Chapel Rd., Stringham Rd., N. Kentuck Trails Rd., Jackson Rd., Morris Rd., Bradshaw Rd., Prairie View Rd., Waverly Rd., Spring Valley Rd., Linke Rd.             
  • Spokane County District 3 – Dover Rd., Grove Rd., Mullinix Rd., Pine Springs Rd., Martin Rd., Rock Lake Rd.              
  • Spokane County District 4 – 44th Ave., Chapman Rd., Saltese Lake Rd., Moffat Rd.

Project Update 10/20/2023 – Construction started 10/16/2023 and will continue through 2024.

Project Funding: Federal Funds Awarded: $367,000.00 County Funds: $0.00 

Project Map:  

Horizontal Curve Signing Vicinity Map