Featured Programs

Strategic Interventions Addressing Regional Needs 

The Spokane County Community Services Department (CSD) posses a dedicated cadre of leaders and trained behavioral professionals, providing a unique understanding of the needs and challenges facing the region. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of well established providers, the CSD is able to effectively address the behavioral health needs of the community, while ensuring a proactive approach to addressing emerging challenges. Recognizing that unique solutions to addressing systemic community problems requires creative solutions innovative thinking. 

The following is a brief spotlight on some of the many programs we are proud to have brought to our community.


The Initiative for Student Wellness (ISW) is designed to create a supportive and environment that promotes the success of middle and high school students in their journey to improve academic performance while decreasing the frequency of disruption or challenges posed by psychological, emotional, or external stressors. A universal screening tool helps identify mental health and substance use concerns, bullying issues, resource needs, stressors, strengths, and protective factors. Based on identified needs, school-based licensed mental health professionals can provide follow-up care and referrals to resources.

Follow the links below to read about the first year of our pilot program!

ISW 2022-2023 Year-End Report

ISW 2022-2023 School Year Data Summary


The HOST program serves to engage and support Individuals experiencing homelessness and severe substance use and behavioral health issues to access and utilize physical and behavioral health services. The HOST team meets people on the streets, wherever they may be, to provide an intensive, tailored, whole-person approach to services from a multidisciplinary team that includes an ARNP, peer support specialists, mental health and substance use disorder professionals, and case managers.