Fire Disaster Relief

Wildfire Resources

Links to local, state and federal resources for wildfire victims.

Notice and Vesting Ordinance

Spokane County Ordinance Amending Spokane County Code Section 3.02.020 to create an additional mechanism for vesting and a nominal fee connected thereto for individuals affected by the Gray and Oregon road Fires that are the subject of the emergency declaration under Resolution 23-0501 for the purpose of expediting rebuilding efforts.

ESB 5454

Legislative changes for qualifying single-family dwellings damaged by a natural disaster. Amends RCW 84.70.010 regarding destroyed property claims for improvements that were damaged or destroyed by natural disasters and creates a property tax exemption for the amount of new construction that replaces the qualifying single-family dwelling damaged or destroyed as a result of a qualifying natural disaster.

Exemption for Qualifying Single-Family Residences Damaged by a Natural Disaster

Department of Revenue Form 64-0117.  File with your local county assessor prior to beginning construction.  Applications received after June 30, 2026, may not be approved.