Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)

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Spokane County Sheriff's Office

Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)


Welcome to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) - the future of public safety and crime prevention. 
 The RTCC is a cutting-edge hub where data, technology, and law enforcement expertise all converge to put real-time, actionable information in the hands of our Deputies, Detectives, and other law enforcement partners. This is accomplished by leveraging new and existing technology, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement efforts throughout Spokane County. 


The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office RTCC is staffed by highly trained professionals who monitor and analyze a wide array of data sources, such as surveillance cameras, license plate readers, computer-aided dispatch systems, social media, live 911 calls, and other law enforcement information systems, all in real-time. These operators collaborate and communicate with Deputies/Detectives and other law enforcement partners in the field, providing them with vital information to respond quickly and effectively to incidents as they unfold.


This partnership, responding Deputies/Detectives combined with actionable, accurate, and timely RTCC information, is essential, reducing crime rates, improving agency response times, and enhancing the safety and security of our community and law enforcement responders.      


The primary functions of the RTCC include:


Incident Response – In real-time, operators track incidents and relay critical information to Deputies in the field, enabling them to respond faster and make informed decisions.


Crime Prevention – By harnessing predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and traditional crime analysis strategies, the RTCC can identify potential criminal activity or problem areas, allowing law enforcement to intervene proactively.


Resource Allocation – Through data and analysis, the RTCC optimizes the deployment of resources, including personnel and technology, ensuring this is done efficiently and effectively.


Community Engagement – The RTCC fosters community engagement by sharing relevant safety information with the public, being transparent in its use of investigative technology, and by encouraging citizens and businesses to be proactive partners in crime prevention.





Safeguarding individual privacy is of paramount importance to the mission of the RTCC


The RTCC adheres to strict policy guidelines and laws to ensure data is collected, stored, and used responsibly. Privacy protection measures include stringent access controls, routine audits to prevent misuse of data, and transparency in the way the technology is used.

The RTCC does not use surveillance technology to collect information on individuals based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, political beliefs, or other protected categories. Biometric surveillance software, such as facial recognition, is not used by the RTCC.