Dog Park

The 1st Spokane County dog park opened October 4, 2006. A collaborative effort between SCRAPS and the County's Parks and Recreation Department, the park is run by dog-loving volunteers and funded solely by donations. We are always in need of more volunteers and money!

Remember, your donor dollars keep this park open. Donations are accepted in the park at the dog drinking stations or online.

On Interstate 90, look for the green highway sign marked "State Line - Exit 299." After exiting, drive towards the Spokane River following the blue "Visitor Info" signs north then east to Spokane Bridge Road and the parking lot.

The address of the dog park is:
26715 E Spokane Bridge Road
Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Plastic Bags Needed for Clean-Up
You can help keep our Dog Park sanitary and enjoyable by remembering your responsibility for clean-up. Waste disposal tools and receptacles are handy whenever and wherever you need them. You will find plastic bags as well as racks and shovels at several locations throughout the park: there are 2 vertical PVC pipes in the wooded area that dispense plastic bags as well as a preloaded dispenser near the main entrance.

“Dog pots” (waste receptacles) are next to the dispensers. Dog Park patrons are encouraged to bring medium-sized plastic bags for the tube dispensers. This is a great way to help lower costs for the Dog Park and reuse bags that you might otherwise throw away. Remember, if you don’t recycle it, reuse it!