Goods (Materials, Supplies and Equipment) - Process

Goods: Supplies, materials, equipment, and all other tangible commodities, except real property. For more information on procurement for goods, please visit MRSC .

  1. Informal Process ($10,000 - $49,999 including tax)

Departments may solicit quotes direction from business for goods and services that do not exceed $49,999 and can be posted on our online platform(s).

  1. Advertisement of the competitive solicitation is not required. Departments may solicit quotes directly from business and bids may be posted on our online platform(s)
  2. Responses/submittals must be properly identified and addressed to the bidder and can be received via email, and
  3. Are not subject to being publicly opened and read aloud; and
  4. Bid Tabulations are sent to the department for review and recommendation.


*The competitive solicitation is subject to the provisions, terms and conditions, contained or referenced in the particular competitive solicitation document for the procurement. 

*Register here to bid on goods and services 

  1. Formal Process (over $50,000 including tax)