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Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council (SRLJC)

The Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council functions in compliance with RCW 72.09.300 and SRLJC Resolution 21-0458.

SRLJC Bylaws amended 6/8/22

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Public Comment at SRLJC meetings

Public comment at the SRLJC meetings will take place in accordance to Section VII in the SRLJC Bylaws.  

  • The SRLJC will allot 15-minutes at the beginning of all meetings for public comment during what is identified as “Open Public Forum” on the agenda. 
    • A time limit of 3-minutes per individual. Speakers shall identify themselves to the Law & Justice Administrative assistant as wanting to speak; the assistant will assign a speaking number.
    • Speakers cannot allot their time to another speaker.
    • Councilmembers will refrain from commenting or engaging is dialogue with each other or any speaker during the open public forum. 
  • The public does not directly participate in the recommendation process of the SRLJC; instead, they provide input to the SRLJC, which takes the input into consideration in performing its powers and duties. 
  • The guidelines will be posted on the SRLJC website, posted on the video screen prior to the start of any meeting, and made available for in-person meetings. 
  • Public will speak directly to the Chair or Vice Chair in the Chair’s absence. 
  • Chair will reiterate at the outset of the Public Forum that the SRLJC will not engage in dialog with each other or the speaker during the Open Public Forum. 
  • SRLJC encourages courtesy and respect during the Open Public Forum. 
  • The public has a right to make critical comments or harsh remarks but does not have a right to disrupt the meeting. The Council may prohibit demonstrations (booing, hissing, clapping or personal insults). These can be chilling to discourse and inhibit free speech, both on the part of the elected officials and of the public. Praise and criticism are expected however, the Chair reserves the right to limit a speaker when they have gone beyond civil discourse. 
  • Email or voicemail comments received by the Law & Justice Office may be submitted by the Chair at this time as well. 


All Public meetings and hearings held by the SRLJC and its subcommittees are held in facilities which are accessible to disabled individuals.  For more information regarding the accessibility of the specific meeting room, or to request reasonable accommodations, please contact the Law & Justice Dept. @ (509) 477-2102 or via LawandJustice@spokanecounty.org.

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