Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM)

Spokane County Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMS)

Final DFIRMs along with an updated Flood Insurance Study (FIS) were issued by FEMA  July 6, 2010. These maps include the restudy areas of Argonne and Forker Draw drainages as well as the earlier Chester Creek restudy which was incorporated in the DFIRMs due to delays.

The Minnie Creek study is now effective as a LOMR. These maps are updated to the newer FEMA format, with updated zone terminology, BFEs in NAVD88 datum, and floodways included. The maps are on a new grid based on the USGS quads and have therefore been renumbered. Also, all jurisdictions within the County are included in one set of maps.

Outside of the restudy areas, BFEs and zone boundaries have just been copied from the current maps, though there have been some slight boundary changes due to better topography in some areas. Spokane County has begun using these new maps for floodplain management; however, they will not be used for flood insurance purposes until after the effective date