About the Law & Justice Administrator

The Law & Justice Administrator is responsible for both supporting the work of the SRLJC as well as implementing broader systems reforms. Such efforts include Law & Justice systems planning and meeting facilitation, management of long- and short-term projects of high complexity, collection and distribution of information, and consultation with entities in the local, state and federal criminal justice system. Some of the projects the Law & Justice Administrator currently manages, include the MacArthur Foundation's Safety & Justice Challenge Grant, a Bureau of Justice Assistance Reentry Grant, and a Justice Task Force convened to develop recommendations related the future of the County jail. The Law & Justice Administrator supports a variety of other initiatives designed to further an equitable, just, and efficient criminal justice system. To read the Office's Strategic Plan for 2021 click here.

Read the  June 2021 Quarterly Report here.

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  1. Maggie 200p

    Maggie Yates

    Regional Law and Justice Administrator
    Originally from Spokane, Maggie's commitment to pursuing a more fair and inclusive criminal justice system took root while working in New Orleans for the Southern Poverty Law Center, and later the MacArthur Justice Center. There, she rose to serve as the senior investigator on a class action lawsuit against the Orleans Parish Prison. Over the course of four years, Maggie supervised a team of investigators, developed and maintained databases, and conducted more than a thousand interviews with incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. Maggie left New Orleans to attend the UCLA School of Law where she earned a J.D. with a David J. Epstein Public Law & Policy Specialization. During law school, Maggie interned with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, the ACLU’s Legislative Office, and the Southern Center for Human Rights.  Maggie earned her bachelor’s degrees in Cultural Anthropology and International Studies at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.