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Senior Director of Law & Justice, Michael Sparber
Senior Director of Law & Justice 
Michael Sparber
On February 16, 2022 the County appointed Michael Sparber to be the Senior Director of Law and Justice.   This position oversees several departments of Spokane County which constitute Spokane County’s Law and Justice system.  The departments which are under his direction include; The Office of Law and Justice; Detention Services; County Public Defenders and The Council for Defense; Pretrial Services and the Medical Examiner’s Office. 

The Senior Director of Law & Justice is responsible for both supporting the work of the SRLJC as well as implementing broader systems reforms. Some of the projects the Senior Director of Law & Justice currently manages, include the MacArthur Foundation's Safety & Justice Challenge Grant and it's ongoing projects. He also supports a variety of other initiatives designed to further an equitable, just, and efficient criminal justice system.

Prior to his appointment to this position Mike was the Director of Spokane County Detention Services. He has extensive management and real world experience.  He started his career as a Corrections Officer under the Spokane County Sheriff’s office in 1988 and moved up in the ranks to the Detention Services Director position.  During part of that time he also served as Interim Law & Justice Administrator through a gap between Administrators.  He has been an active participant in all of the Justice initiatives as well as the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from Eastern Washington University and an Associate degree in Economics from Spokane Community College.

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