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Martha Lou Wheatley-Billeter, MPA
Public Works Information and Outreach Manager
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More Roads Reopen-Others Close

SPOKANE COUNTY, February 19, 2017 – While several roads have reopened, others have closed. With more rain in the forecast, public works staff remains on-call.

DISTRICT 1 (Northern Spokane County)
OPEN:           10:20 AM, 2-19-17
CLOSURE:    10:00 AM, 2-17-17
Dunn Road from Woolard Rd. to Big Meadows Rd.
OPEN:           9:10 AM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:    10:50 AM, 2-16-17
Randall Rd. at Madison Rd., intersection
OPEN:           9:10 AM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:    7:30 AM, 2-17-17
Madison Road from Sillman Rd. to Randall Rd.
CLOSURE:    10:20 AM, 2-19-17
Black Road from Darknell Rd. to Madison Rd.
CLOSURE:    9:55 AM, 2-17-17
Colbert Road from Yale Rd. to Boston Rd.       
CLOSURE:    9:55 AM, 2-17-17
Ballard Road from Dartford Dr. to Austin Rd.
CLOSURE:    1:40 PM, 2-17-17
Bruce Road from Chattaroy Rd. to Orchard Bluff Rd.
Watch Areas:
Jackson Rd. at Bowman Rd. – small washout
Jackson Rd. at Laurel Rd. – water across road
Colbert Rd. at Yale Rd. – water across road
Woolard Road between Yale Rd. and Bernhill Rd. at the bridge over creek.
Westmoreland Road ¼ mile west of Hwy. 2, water about to crest over road.
DISTRICT 2 (Southeast Spokane County)
OPEN:           4:30 PM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:    11:15 AM, 2-16-17
Roberts Road from the Waverly Cut Off Road to Kelso Rd.
OPEN             1:20 PM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:     3:10 PM, 2-16-17
Cheney-Plaza Road between Patterson Rd. and Wells Rd. is the primary closed area.  Due to traffic coming off of SR-195, road closed signs will be posted on
Cheney-Plaza Rd. at each intersection to advise drivers. Intersections of: SR-195;
 Wentworth Rd.; Babb Rd.; Patterson Rd.; and Wells Rd.
OPEN:           12:00 PM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:    8:30 AM, 2-16-17
Stoughton Road between Larkin Rd. to Darknell Rd.
OPEN:            11:20 AM, 2-17-16
CLOSURE:    4:55 PM, 2-16-17
Palouse Road (just north of Fairfield) between Jackson Rd. and Hwy. 27
CLOSURE:    4:20 PM, 2-18-17
Elder Road from Jackson Rd. to Madison Rd.
Culverts and road washed out.
CLOSURE     2:50 PM, 2-16-17
Watt Road from N. Spangle Rd. to Yale Rd.
CLOSURE:    2:05 PM, 2-16-17
Bradshaw Road from Starr Rd. to Idaho State Line
CLOSURE:    11:15 AM, 2-16-17
Chapman Road, from 14711 S. Chapman Rd. to Hwy. 27
CLOSURE:    7:45 AM, 2-16-17
Harvard Road between Elder Rd. and Stringham Rd.
Detour: Stringham Rd. to Molter Rd. to Elder Rd.
Watch Areas:
Downing Rd. south off Cheney-Spangle Rd. – water running down road
Elder Rd. at Jackson Rd.
Darknell Rd. at Rattlers Run Rd.
N. Kentuck Trails Rd.
DISTRICT 3 (West Spokane County)
OPEN:           12:00 PM, 2-18-17
CLOSURE:    8:30 AM, 2-16-17
Stoughton Road between Larkin Rd. to Darknell Rd.
CLOSURE:    6:05 AM, 2-18-17
White Road (frontage road along I-90) from Hwy. 902 to Craig Rd.
CLOSURE:    12:10PM, 2-17-17
January Drive from Fruit Vale Rd. to West Terrace Dr.
Watch Areas:
White Rd. from Hwy. 902 to Craig Rd.
Lance Hill Rd. from Hwy. 904 to Pine Springs Rd.
Harrison Rd. at Cornwall Rd.
West Moreland Road ¼ mile west of Hwy. 2 - Water is within a couple inches of cresting over the road.
DISTRICT 4 (Valley, Mt. Spokane foothills and Liberty Lake)
OPEN:         11:55 AM, 2-19-17
CLOSURE:   6:30 AM, 2-17-17
Mt. Carlton Road from Hwy. 206 to Feehan Rd.
OPEN:         10:00 AM, 2-19-17
CLOSURE:    8:25 AM, 2-17-17
Judkins Road from Forker Rd. to Morrison Rd.
OPEN:         8:50 AM, 2-19-17
CLOSURE:    6:15 PM, 2-17-17
Spokane Bridge Road from Appleway to Pleasant View Rd. (at Idaho boarder)
CLOSURE:    6:30 AM, 2-17-17
Kellogg Road approximately one mile off Hwy. 206, at end of road.
Watch Areas:
Bill Gulch is washing out about ½ mile in from highway 206. Some repairs have been made, but it will require constant maintenance.
Scribner and Scribner branch
Chapman and 44th – water over the road
Temple off of Forker – large volume off water
Foothills off of Forker – large volume of water
Jacobs off of Forker
Miner off of highway 206
Jamieson, East end of road
Liberty Dr. in Liberty Lake
East Newman Lake Dr. between Starr Rd. and the resort.

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