How are stormwater fees calculated?
Average single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes are charged a flat fee per unit per year. Other properties are charged based on the amount of hard surface (rooftop, parking lot, gravel, storage lot, areas where the natural vegetation has been disturbed for parking, driving, etc.) on the property. View more information about the Stormwater Fees.

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1. Why am I charged a stormwater fee?
2. How are stormwater fees calculated?
3. Why has my stormwater fee changed?
4. Who can I talk to about general concerns regarding flooding in my neighborhood?
5. How do I report a flooding problem on my property or in my home?
6. Who do I report a drainage or flooding concern, that isn't on my property, to?
7. Where can I find the Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual?