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What is an Equivalent Residential Unit?
One Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) is equal to 800 cubic feet of metered water usage per month. Each single-family residence, mobile home (where two or less occupy the same parcel) and each half of a duplex building is deemed to represent one ERU. Each multi-family dwelling unit is deemed to represent 0.7 of an ERU. Each commercial unit and manufactured home park is assigned one ERU for each 800 cubic feet of metered non-irrigation water usage per month.

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1. When is my monthly bill due?
2. Where do I mail my payment?
3. How do I change my address for my sewer bill?
4. When are the monthly sewer bills mailed?
5. What are the current sewer charges and rates?
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7. What is a Sewer Service Fee?
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10. What is a prepayment period for the Capital Facilities Rate?
11. What is a Capital Facilities Rate?
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13. What is an Equivalent Residential Unit?
14. How is my payment credited to my account?
15. What happens if I don't pay my monthly sewer bill?
16. Whose responsibility is it to make payments?

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