What happens if I don't pay my monthly sewer bill?

If the charges on a monthly sewer bill are not paid when due, a one time late payment penalty of 10% of the latest billed amount are added to the charges.

Additionally, interest is attached and accrued on unpaid charges computed at a rate of 8% per annum starting on the next day after the billing due date until paid. Interest is computed on the entire unpaid balance.

Accounts that are in excess of 60 days delinquent may receive a past due statement and delinquency notice. The notice will be mailed to interested parties known to the Environmental Services Department (known parties may include Owner, Mortgage Company, Landlord and Occupant in the case of rental property) regarding the delinquent amount. The delinquency notice will list the amount of charges in arrears, and will explain that the customer must pay the charges within 30 days from the date of the notice to avoid a lien.

The lien will be filed for all delinquent rates, fees and/or charges due in accordance with Spokane County Ordinance 8.03.9040 (Payment-Delinquency-Lien). The lien amount will include late payment penalties together with accrued interest at 8% per annum from the date due until paid. The lien will attach and foreclose pursuant to RCW 36.94.150 and RCW 35.67.215. The County's sewerage lien shall attach for up to one year's delinquent charges without the necessity of any writing or recording of the lien with the County Auditor pursuant to RCW 36.94.150 and RCW 35.67.215. A lien for more than one year's delinquent sewer charges shall attach upon certification of the delinquent charges by the Environmental Services Department to the Spokane County Auditor. The Environmental Services Department may periodically amend these lien certifications.

All costs associated with filing and releasing of a lien, such as filing fees and administrative costs, together with the lien certification amounts, shall be paid to the Environmental Services Department prior to the release of the lien.

The monthly billing statements will show that a lien exists and will give the sum of all charges, for which a lien has been filed. The lien will be released upon payment in full.

Under the Revised Code of Washington, Spokane County may bring a foreclosure action against the property 60 days after the attachment of the lien.

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