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Northwoods Community Park

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  1. BBQ Area
  2. Picnic Shelters
  3. Playground
  4. Restrooms

Northwoods Community Park is located in suburban north Spokane, adjacent to the Brentwood Elementary School. The site was set aside for park use by the developers when the Brentwood-Fairwood Crest neighborhoods were platted in 1964. The land was acquired by the Spokane County Parks Department the following year. The majority of Northwoods Park remains is composed of maintained Ponderosa Pine and grass that provide a natural setting in the midst of a developed community.


A playground, restrooms, and picnic shelter can be found on the 5 acres of Northwoods Park. The shelter is 34 feet x 34 feet, with no electrical outlets or water. The Northwoods Shelter is available for reservation on a limited basis while school is in session. Reservations can be made by clicking here.


  1. Northwoods Park Picnic Shelter

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