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Special Event Permit or Camp Caro Lodge Rental Application

  1. Special Event Permits and Camp Caro Lodge reservations are typically available during the park season beginning on or near May 1 and ending on or near September 30. Reservations are available 365 days in advance. Reservation rates in effect at the time of reservation will be honored. Additions or modifications are subject to the rates in effect at the time changes are made. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

  2. Example: Smith-Patterson Wedding
  3. Please note: This facility is available for use during the park season beginning on or near May 1 and ending on or near September 30. Applications with reservation dates outside of the park season will not be accepted.

    Events must end by 9:00 PM. Please be sure to plan for event set up and clean up. If multiple dates, please enter additional dates below in event description.

  4. First and Last
  5. Example:
  6. Example: (509) 123-4567
  7. Please provide name and phone number other than your own.
  8. Please be detailed to include amenities you're hoping to use (e.g. electricity) and any other detail we should know about your event.
  9. Are you planning to have alcohol at your event?*
    Check "yes" if you are planning to serve and/or consume alcohol. If alcohol is not a planned part of your event, but may be incidental (example: unknowingly, Uncle Joe brings a six-pack), please check "no."
  10. Are you collecting money for your event?*
    Example: Entry fees, registration fees, etc.
  11. Will you be selling food and/or beverage to the public?*
  12. Will you need electricity for your event?*
  13. Will you be reserving a picnic shelter or Camp Caro Lodge?*
    Please note: Proof of insurance is required for all Camp Caro Lodge rentals.
  14. Are you planning to park vehicles on the lawn?*
    If you are planning to park in a designated parking area (e.g. parking lot), then select "no."
  15. Insurance Requirement
    Spokane County requires proof of insurance for certain rentals, including: certain special events, Camp Caro Lodge rental, and events with alcohol. Typically, shelter reservations don't require proof of insurance. For more information on the insurance requirements, visit our Special Events webpage or call Spokane County's Risk Manager at (509) 477-6113.
  16. Payment Method*
    Payments can be made in person or mailed to: Spokane County Parks 404 N. Havana St. Spokane, WA 99202
  17. Indemnification*
    By checking "I agree" below, I agree to hold Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf Department and Spokane County free of any liability in any and all matters concerning my event and / or rental. I also certify that all participants will comply with all laws and regulations governing such event. Reservation and / or event approval is not final until a permit has been issued by Spokane County.
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